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Beer kegs

The Cave des 5 Chemins has available beer barrels which are efficient in use and easily transportable, allowing you to pull cool beer under pression. Always a success at club reunions or family parties.

Mini-kegs (5 litres)

An ideal solution for an evening with friends : the 5 litre mini-kegs of German Pils.

Bottled beer

An ever improving range. At present the accent is on independent brewers of Breton beer : Sainte Colombes, Lancelot, Britt, Coreff...

Mostly Soft drinks

For clubs and associations, the Cave proposes a large range of drinks in returnable bottles (Kronembourg, Coca-Cola, Orange Juice, Orangina, Perrier). Also sodas, lemonades, orange juice and mineral water in throw-away packaging. The latter can also complete a wine offer destined for personnal shoppers.



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Too much alcohol is dangerous for your health, drink it in moderation.

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