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For a bithday, a mariage. an anniversary, Christmas, Fathers' Day, retirement...
The Cave offers an extended choice of appropriate gifts for the occasion.
We have a large range of items in decorated boxes of either cardboards or wood and also baskets of various attrative forms containing a variety of wines and local produce.

You will also find a range of glass containers such as carafes, wine services or brandy glasses, as well as accessories such as professional bottle-openers, thermometers or wine pumps. Something for almost everyone.


Local produce

The Cave des 5 Chemins offers for sale a large variety of local produce made by local farmers or independent preserveries of top quality.

Cider, poiré (pear cider), Pommeau, Maine     farm appale juice.

Rillettes, terrine and Daube de rouge des     prés (local farm beef preserves).

Rillettes, terrines and prepared poultry    preserves (local duck, chicken, guinea fowl).

Honey, honey sweets.

Jams and sirops.

Foie gras, whole or in blocks.

Cassoulet, venison pâté.

Fish soup, scallop and lobster terrines and     other sea food preserves.

produits du terroir
produits du terroir



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