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Clubs and Associations

 Complete service : everything for the bar or the meal (wine, beers, soft drinks, beer      barrels, tented pavilions...)

 Special prices on a range of wines selected for their ratio quality/price.

 Free loan of equipment : beer or cider barrels, tents, beer and wine glasses,      carafes, cubitainers...

 Free delivery up to 15 kilometres in distance, and installation of kegs ready to pull      the contents.

 help with putting up the tented pavilion.

 Taking back of unused/unsold goods.

 Billing on return of equiment.


Personnal clients

 Possibility of tasting wines to be served at a party or other event; advice on the      choice of which wine to go with wich dish (making an appointment, beforehand is      advisable).

 Free loan of equipment : beer barrels ready to pull, glasses, carafes, mini-kegs,      wooden wine box covers, cubitainers...

 Installation of beer barrels ready to pull contents within a distance of 15 kilometers.



A large range of wines offered in all forms of containers (bulk, boxes, bottle) for local professionals at a special "pro" price.

Advantages :

No minimum order.

No delivery charge within 20 kilometres.

Rapid delivery within 24 hours (excepting Sundays and bank holidays).

A range of wine wines of quality (see wine details), mainly produced by independent     wine growers.

A very wide choice :
  • Bulk for the lowest prices.
  • WIne boxes, much in vogue for their practicality filled with table wine to be served in carafes , or a grand cru de Bordeaux (5 litres) to be served by glass.
  • By the bottle, regional wine (interestingly priced) or grand cru : over 125 labels to chos from for your wine list.


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Too much alcohol is dangerous for your health, drink it in moderation.

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